What our graduates are doing now…

“I’m currently doing a masters in International Marketing, which I’m enjoying very much. The small business/SME aspect of business is usually where my course mates fall short, so I’ve been able to apply a lot of the EBM content already; even on a marketing degree.”

“I’m still up in Newcastle as I love the city. Just working in the office at Uber the taxi app at the moment.”

“Recently started working at Tullett Prebon (TP ICAP), an interdealer broker.”

“I am currently working as a senior consultant at Mackenzie Stuart, who are global headhunting firm. So my role is to find find senior executives for clients, specifically within the renewable energy market. Its going great at the moment, and I am finding renewables quite an interesting market to work in! As I get to work with a lot of people who are working on a lot of big new renewable projects across the world. “

“Well currently I’m negotiating for a job at a start-up hotel; doing operations, marketing, new business ventures etc. Other than that I finished the Ironman in Weymouth and qualified for the World Championships in Kona, Hawaii; so I’ll be training for that for the next 10+ months. “

“Sorry for the late reply I have been super busy. I haven’t had a day off in 3 months! I am currently living in Melbourne. I have been working as a live-in nanny and waitressing on the weekends, while trying to find an internship in advertising in the meantime. I start a 3 month internship at McCann next week which is exciting stuff!”