Team Academy students rise to JUMP challenge

Generator Session

Wednesday 1st  November 2017


On Wednesday 1st  November 2017, Team Academy Newcastle were delighted to welcome Lucy Batley, Co-Founder and Creative Director of JUMP to the Northern Design Centre to take part in an external Generator Session.

JUMP is a brand communications company integrating graphic design, web design and web based business solutions. They create, develop and communicate brands through design, digital technology and traditional marketing services across the public, private and third sectors. They work at a personal level on a global scale operating regionally, nationally and internationally.

Students on the immersive experiential EBM programme have the opportunity to participate in a number of Generator Sessions a year in teams as an entire programme group.  It is a chance to show off what they are good at, what they have learnt and to apply it to a real business situation.  It is a combination of brainstorming, problem solving and presentation.

We invite local organisations in, to set our students real life business challenges.  The students (across all three years), work on the challenge in teams, bringing all their learning and ideas to bear in an intensive, short session.  The Generator Session closes with all the teams presenting their responses to the challenge and the Client determining the winning output.  The sessions normally last the best part of a day.

In 2007, Lucy Batley and Robert Brown founded JUMP with the belief that it is the combination of original, well-crafted ideas, engaging designs and intuitive digital solutions that builds brands.  Clients include the National Trust, Newcastle University, NE1, People’s Theatre, Tyneside Cinema and Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Trust amongst many more. JUMP began as a team of 6 people, which over the course of 10 years has amassed to 22 including a staff base which ranges from designers, developers, project managers, UX experts and copywriters.

Having steadily developed a name in the North East alongside a loyal client base, JUMP have started to receive requests for the likes of apps, SEO, digital marketing and advertising and so challenged the students to propose possible development strategies given their background, size, abilities, budget and other relevant factors.

Lucy Batley said “I thought the format was spot on. It was quite a lot of time for me to be out of the office but splitting it into more sessions would risk a loss in momentum and impact.

I was super impressed with the students – I doubt that I would have been able to present at that level at their age. I thought some of the more junior students were particularly impressive given they were presenting to their older peers.”

Lucy Batley awarded the winning team Sedulous with a copy of the book, “A smile in the mind” by Beryl McAlhone, David Stuart, Greg Quinton and Nick Asbury.

“We had a really good feedback from students, they loved the talk at the start and really appreciated the difficult but real challenge that was given them. The teams also really appreciated the feedback they got, highlighting the best points from each presentation and highlighting areas to improve. They were delighted with the prize too!” added Natalia Blagburn, Senior Lecturer.

Lucy Hatt, EBM Programme Leader added, “Lucy Batley’s been so generous with her time in support of the EBM programme.  We were delighted to have the opportunity to offer her some ideas in return that might contribute to the success of the business moving forward.  The students found the session very stimulating and engaging and I’m hopeful our relationship with JUMP and Lucy Batley will continue to grow.”


Lucy Hatt 2017