Blog: Team Academy Newcastle goes to Finland

In Spring 2016 teampreneurs from two Team Companies visited Team Academies in Jyvaskyla and Tampere. Below you can read more about their exciting learning journeys to Finland!

(Both stories are written by the teampreneurs)

1st year Team Company Younite Projects

Our very first journey to seek collaboration with an international Team Academy as 1st year Teampreneurs began in March 2016. Four members of our Team Company Younite Projects, Lewis, Joey, George and Cole set out on their learning expedition to Finland. The aim was to learn as much about their business and social culture as we could, to then bring back to our Team Academy based in Newcastle to improve and adopt their techniques.Younite Projects in Finland

The trip to Finland was spread across 7 days and we had planned a lot of exciting activities. Throughout the week we took part in customer visits, product launch days, brainstorming sessions, international skype calling, team building and most importantly, meeting Johannes Partanen (Team Academy founder).

Johannes and the Finnish Teampreneurs were the reason we wanted to visit the country. Since the Programme is so advanced due to it being around for many more years then the UK we felt as if we would have the ability to absorb infinite educational knowledge. We socialised with everyone inside and out of working environment that we could. This really opened our eyes to the business world and made us feel that anything is possible.

Younite Projects in Finland 2For our visit we had also done our homework. We researched into the confectionery market and realised the country doesn’t sell Cadbury’s chocolate. We made the strategic decision to import the coco powder and attempt to sell in an unknown market. This taught us how to experiment and learn by doing, which is of course, the essence of the EBM program.

Visiting Finland was a great opportunity and we would definitely return again as we all learnt a lot of key marketing, sales, growth, start-up techniques and many more that we will be implementing into our team company for our 2nd year of study.

As a team we would like to thank Team Academy Newcastle for giving us such a great opportunity for international travel. We have progressed with confidence as individuals in the business environment and now have that focused mind set needed to really make a difference in the future.

Lewis Blakelock, Joey Swindells, George Stockle & Cole Robinson

2nd year Team Company Concept Enterprise

After visiting Team Academy Tampere and Jyvaskyla in 2015, Hugh and I felt we have really benefitted from our trip in regards to our learning and and the people we met while we were there. Due to this reason, we decided to apply to visit again this year in hopes of participating the Finnish Rocket days.

Concept Enterprise in Finland 2We were thrilled when we found out that our application had been accepted, we then contacted the Finnish teampreneurs who were organizing this event as they were providing us with the accommodation and they also gave us the relevant information such as things to pack with us.

When we first arrived in Jyvaskyla, we were greeted by one of the Finnish teampreneur’s flat mate and he was kind enough to walk us to his flat which was where we stayed for the week. Hugh and I both though their hospitality skills were 10/10 as him and Mikko had different types of Finnish beer ready for us in the fridge when we arrived to the flat!

We spent the first two days visiting the team academy and participating in their training sessions as well as meeting international teampreneurs who some I have already met when I organized the Concept Enterprise in Finland 3International Team Learning Event in 2015 with a few fellow teampreneurs. Everyone was super friendly and we got to know each other very quickly, we also had a cocktail evening to network with the guests.

When the rocket days finally arrived, we got on the coach in the morning from the team academy Jyvaskyla and headed to Piispala to begin the rocket days. We started our day by participating in the Space Race competition where you transform one of NASA’s technologies into a business plan, I worked alongside other teampreneurs and later presented our idea in from of the teampreneurs. This activity enabled us to think outside of the box as well as collaborating with other teampreneurs. When the rocket day officially started, the atmosphere was unbelievable and we started drinking at 3pm, there was an awards ceremony in the evening with entertainment which we all enjoyed but the rest was a blur.

To sum up our trip, we both had an absolutely fantastic time and learned a lot as usual as well as meeting a lot of new people. Would definitely go back!

Thomas Cheung & Hugh Roke