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Generator Session:

Twise a year we run a Generator Session (GS) that is a competency demonstration by the Team Companies. It is a combination of brainstorming, problem solving and presentation.  There are opportunities for external organisations or individuals to be involved in a GS that strives to solve an external party’s (client’s) problem.

A Generator Session follows this agenda:

  1. Presenting the problem
  2. Finding solutions to the problem
  3. Presenting the solutions
  4. Evaluation of the Generator Session

The actual time for the GS varies and can be up to 24 hours.

The GS is evaluated with a 360-degree assessment involving the customer, the team coach and the GS participants. Assessment criteria vary, but usually some theoretical frameworks are used to categorize different aspect of the GS. When evaluating Generator Sessions, the evaluators must be aware of the fact that the GS presentation (phase 3 above) reveals only a small proportion of things learnt during the BG work. Sometimes the process (phase 2) is more important than the actual results.

NU Directive after winning a Generator session

NU Directive after winning a Generator session in Autumn 2015 (Jason Knights in the middle)

Customers comment:

“Im not going to lie I was really nervous about yesterday, the thought of getting over 50 students to look at a problem within our company terrified me. Saying that i really enjoyed sharing our experience of how we have built the company up to a global branding company.

The quality of the work that the students produced was amazing, they listened to the brief and came back with some great ideas. Every group presented something that we could build on, so please pass on my thanks to them. I was so impressed that i have been raving about it today to a friend who owns a large print company.”

-Jason Knights, Blue Kangaroo