About this course

What if you could get a degree by running your own company? By making money and learning-by-doing with other same minded people? Believe or not, that’s actually possible!

If you flourish with a hands-on team-based approach to learning and have aspirations to be your own boss, then this highly innovative course could accelerate your career development and give you the potential to earn while you study, through setting up and managing your own business in a team. It also offers business management experience that will suit you if you want to work for a business upon graduation.

You will spend much of the course running your own business enterprise within purpose-built business premises. Alongside developing your applied understanding of areas such as management, marketing, human resource management, finance and accounting, you will learn to develop key competences such as creativity, innovation, leadership, communication, team working, strategic planning and decision-making.

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Newcastle Business School staff, with experience in industry, will be on hand throughout the course to support you in your learning while running your business and you will also be provided with guidance by external business advisors. Individual student profiling will be used to assist you in appreciating your learning needs and support you in your personal development throughout the course.

Upon graduation you will be a well-equipped business professional with the skills and experience to start your own business or be a valuable addition to any organisation.
* The standard offer for this course is 320 UCAS Tariff points but you have the opportunity to earn an additional 20 UCAS Tariff points by successfully completing an assessment day which will be held at the University.

The programme is based in new purpose-built business premises. You will be coached by Newcastle Business School staff with experience in industry. Your Team Coach will be on-hand throughout the course to support you in your learning while you run your business in a team and you will also be provided with guidance by external specialist business advisors.

Individual student profiling will be used to assist you in developing self-awareness and support you in the development of your personal effectiveness throughout the course.

Ebm _listingWith the right levels of motivation, self-discipline and determination, you can graduate as an experienced entrepreneur, with an enviable international network and the relevant skills to either start your own business or to be a valuable asset to any employer.

The EBM program design and philosophy has been developed in consultation with the Team Academy in the Jyvaskyla Institute of Science and Technology, Finland. This approach has been recently adopted by a growing number of educational institutions globally which share ideas and learning and engage in exchange visits for staff and program participants. Check out more at: www.tiimiakatemia.com

Historically, the percentage of Team Academy graduates working as entrepreneurs is 5 – 10 times higher than in traditional institutions of higher education.  In a ten year follow up from a programme in Finland, one out of three graduates starts a business right after finishing their studies.