Entrepreneurship and the Circular Economy


We’re no strangers to disruption at Northumbria University – we make it our business to think and act differently in pursuit of transformative innovation. Our focus in on design-led Responsible Innovation; innovation that is democratic, has a social conscience and is concerned with its impact and consequences.

Innovation is multidisciplinary, bringing together knowledge and practices from multiple perspectives in pursuit of common goals. This isn’t always comfortable but we’ve brought our disciplines together to engage in multidisciplinary innovation programmes addressing the challenges that matter to public, private and third sector partners.

Our key objective is to launch graduates into the world equipped with the knowledge, skills, creative confidence and awareness necessary to change the world for the better. Northumbria’s Big-Top-Tent showcases a variety of ways in which we achieve this.

Beyond Disciplines – What Circular Economy Means to Design, Engineering, and Business

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Business, Entrepreneurship and the Circular Economy