Amsterdam Trip 2017

In January 2017, 18 students from the first year at Northumbria University took a trip to Amsterdam for a couple of nights. Their main purpose was to visit the students in Amsterdam carrying out the EBM course and find out more about their businesses. This was for an upcoming assignment the Northumbria students were carrying out on ‘international students based businesses’. They also wanted to visit Amsterdam’s EBM space and experience their session, to gain ideas to bring back to Northumbria’s course.

Northumbria’s students were amazed with the different culture and space available over there, some of the 18 students liking the vibes but others not so much. It was very rustic and a much more relaxed environment than they had back in the UK. I think it’s safe to say all the 18 students enjoyed the restaurant on the ground floor which served alcohol very cheaply on a Friday evening for all the businesses within the building to merge together and socialise.

One main learning curve from this trip was how social the Amsterdam teams seemed to be, it felt from the outside as if these students had known each other much longer than just one year or two and they all got along so well. The bond between the coaches and students were similar too. It is believed this may be the reason for more business activity taken place in Amsterdam EBM. So this social aspect is one the students at Northumbria are trying to adapt since the trip, as they had a great social experience.

Some of the negatives to this trip which were learnt from are never to book to go to a cold country in January. Another being plan public transport routes in advance and know what you are doing, the amount of times team members got on the wrong tram was quite funny. And finally make sure to explain things properly when planning a trip (even the most organised people can get it wrong). When all 18 Northumbria students turned up in Amsterdam, the students from over there had no idea what the UK students were there for. Miscommunication and lack of planning in advance can lead to very frustrated students which equalled returning home and never having any replies to any communications again.

One major aspect of the course and students lives that have change since the trip is the business activity. Everyone who travelled to Amsterdam and especially those who engaged in the activities over there the most, have now returned with a more serious attitude and determination regarding students opening and running their own businesses.

Samantha Bright 6/10/2017